• Certified – All accredited WOWhome pros possess current training certificates, business licences, liability insurance and WCB numbers. Most home improvement listings only ask for credentials upon registration. Not WOWhome. We keep a continuous record of all certifications to ensure that all necessary paperwork remains valid and up to date.
  • Qualified –WOWhome only connects homeowners to home pros that have proven expertise in the specific trade(s) they’re listed for. Example: A professionally recognized plumber who happens to know his way around a circuit board (but is not a certified electrician) can only register as a WOWhome plumber – not an electrician.
  • Verified – WOWhome contractors go through extensive background checks before they join our network. The same goes for all subcontractors and service providers that work with the companies we list on our site. It’s our way of lending homeowners peace of mind and ensuring reputable home pros they’re in good company.


We take rating our pros very seriously. If WOWhome can’t verify and fact check a review, it won’t get posted. So what can homeowners and home pros expect from our ranking system?

  • Voluntary Reviews that home owners submit without prompting or discount incentives
  • Authenticated Reviews that ensure home pros get fair assessments of their work
  • Impartial Reviews written by actual customers that pose no professional conflict of interest
  • Genuine Reviews – as in NOT paid ads disguised as reviews


Ratings & Review

    • Why didn’t WOWhome post my review?

Since all WOWhome reviews must be thoroughly fact checked to ensure authenticity and fairness, it may take up to 48 hours before we post your review. If you don’t see your review posted within this timeframe, it could be because your review was deemed unsuitable for reason(s) listed in our Review Submission Guidelines. Please keep in mind if it’s a simple matter of inappropriate language and/or insufficient length, we invite you to resubmit a revised version of your review for approval. Your feedback is an invaluable tool for other homeowners when it comes to selecting home pros.

    • How do I edit a review after it’s been posted?

Simply log into your account, make your modifications and resubmit. Please keep in mind that all revised reviews need to be re-approved by WOWhome before they can be posted again.

    • How do I know I can trust these reviews?

WOWhome takes great pride in its rigorous screening process. Every review posted on our site has been thoroughly fact checked to ensure it’s fair, impartial and poses no conflict of interest. For more information on WOWhome’s credible rating system, please read our Review Submission Guidelines.

Pricing & Billing


  • How do I know if I’m getting value for my money?


The pros listed on WOWhome are some of the best in the business. Our Process ensures they are all professional, certified and qualified. However, home pros that work in the same field may have different levels of experience and expertise, and so will charge different rates depending on the complexity of the project. A more junior tradesman listed on our site, for example, who charges less than a 30-year vet may be more appropriate for a simple job. That’s why we make sure that level of expertise and all other pertinent info is included in all our home pro profiles. We want you, the homeowner, to make the best decision possible. Keep in mind, we also recommend getting at least two WOWhome quotes before making your final decision.


  • If WOWhome is free, how does this site make money?


WOWhome is a free service for homeowners; whereas home pros pay a fee to have their business listed on our site. But they can only do so once they’ve been pre-screened to ensure they’re qualified, certified and trustworthy.


  • Does WOWhome have a payment system?


No, payment agreements and methods are decided between homeowners and home pros. WOWhome does not invoice, process or collect money owed on behalf of service providers. They work independently. We simply connect the best home improvement professionals to homeowners.

Service Provider


  • How do I choose the right service provider for me?


Every WOWhome pro is qualified, certified and trustworthy. All you have to do is make a selection based on your budget and the complexity of the job. If it’s a simple job, then a home pro with less experience and lower rates might make a good fit. But if it’s big project with a lot of moving pieces, the best pro for the job may be someone with years of experience. WOWhome always recommends getting more than one quote. We also suggest asking to see a prospective service provider’s portfolio before hiring him/her.


  • What are the benefits of hiring WOWhome pros?


With WOWhome, you know you’re getting reputable service providers who are qualified to get the job done right. Using WOWhome is also a time saver. Instead of cold calling home pros that may, or may not, service your area; you can simply use our search map. And with WOWhome, there’s no need to spend half a day checking out references. We do all that for you. We also have a free project management platform for homeowners to help keep their project moving on time and on budget with some of the best service providers in the business.

Posting Projects


  • How do I post a project?


It’s never been easier to register your project. Please follow this link and if you have any trouble, feel free to contact our tech support.


  • What are the benefits of posting a project?


Posting your project on WOWhome allows you to manage your own project efficiently. For example, if there are several different components to your project and you don’t have time to source out every highly specialized service provider in your area, WOWhome pros can see your project and connect with you faster. We also have new pros joining the WOWhome network every day, and when you post your project, you’ll be notified of new home pros in your area that may be a good fit for your project.


  • Is it safe to post my home on your site?


Absolutely. Only registered, pre-screened home pros can view your project, and they must contact you through our site.

Screening Process


  • How do I know my home pro is properly insured?


We keep a continuous record of all WOWhome pros’ licenses, certifications, WCB info and insurance. And if any of their paperwork is close to reaching its expiration date, we send out renewal reminders and ask for proof of renewal. This system ensures that all our pros are properly covered. However, it’s still best practice for homeowners to request their name(s) be put on their home pros’ insurance – this adds extra protection for homeowners.


  • What is your screening process?


Our rigorous screening process involves a criminal background check upon registration and then annually thereafter. Home pros must also provide references, and all the necessary paperwork before signing up. But WOWhome doesn’t stop there. We keep a continuous record of all our home pros’ paperwork to make sure their insurance, licences and certifications are all valid and up to date.