How to choose a RIGHT contractor Hear of a good contractor through word of mouth. Online customer reviews are also a good place to start. On our website, Wow Home Pro has compiled more than 100,000 reviews of general home contractors, many of which are accredited by the public —meaning they exhibit a good-faith effort to resolve consumer complaints. Wow Home Pro Provide more company information than the other website. You can also read customer reviews on facebook or twitter to gauge a contractor's work ethic. Unlike other websites, Wow Home Pro List doesn't allow anonymous reviews.
  • Before you make a hasty hiring decision, talk to several contractors in your area and get at least three bids.  It's essential to have the contractors survey the property before making an offer so that the bids are as accurate as possible.
  • To get an apples-to-apples comparison, make sure the bids are identical in their plans, all the way down to such specifics as what brands of materials will be used.
  • In most important things, you should choose the company which can provide most company profile to you, for example, company license, insurance, warranty, professional license, history, and reviews.