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Liability waiver
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Right to Refuse an Application
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Closing an account by Wow Home Pro Marketing LTD;
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This will occur if we find out that the account holder’s status to maintain a “Good Standard” has changed and their profile no longer meets our criteria of an applicant.
Privacy Policyslotsup
Wow Home Pro Marketing LTD will disclose the information you provided to us to the public through our website;
Wow Home pro-Marketing LTD will keep your payment information confidential except PayPal, who collects the Membership Payments from the account you provided at registration.
Wow Home Pro Marketing Ltd. will keep 20% of the total amount of a yearly payment for application procession fee within 1 month on the 1st day of your payment date. We will return 80% of your yearly payment to you and your company. For example, if you and your company could not provide accurate information or all of the documents’ copies. If you and your company pay by monthly payment, we will not do any refund.
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Terms and Conditions of Use
WOW HOME PRO MARKETING LTD. And it’s associated professional marketing (the “Community Website”) and related services (the “Services”) are provided by Business Marketing Ltd. together with its Affiliates.
A Terms and Conditions agreement, also known as a T&C or Terms of Use or Terms of Service, is the legal backbone of the relationship between WOW HOME PRO MARKETING LTD., you (register) and your users (customers).
It’s an incredibly important legal agreement for you to know. It sets forth clauses that embody the rules, requirements, restrictions, and limitations that each user must agree to sign in. Please, carefully read all of the following terms of use before you sign in. In each SITE indicates your acceptance of the Terms and that you intend to be legally bound by them. If you do not agree with these Terms, you should not use this Site. If you feel confused about terms of conditions, please e-mail to us for more information.
The Agreement
1.1. This Agreement (“Wow Home Pro Marketing Ltd. Here Terms and Conditions”) is a contract between you and Wow Home Pro Marketing Ltd. You acknowledge that you will constitute acceptance of Wow Home Pro Marketing Ltd. Terms and Conditions.
1.2. Wow Home Pro Marketing Ltd. is a professional marketing adverting communication networking site. It provides ratings, reviews, comments, posts and any profile information that you elect to make public. It creates and publishes your company adverting in WOW HOME PRO MARKETING LTD. site to the public on the internet.
1.3. By clicking the “Accept Terms & Conditions of Use” checkbox below, you agree to be legally bound by the following Terms of Service (all of which are collectively referred to as the “Terms of Service”). Minors (i.e., individuals under the age of eighteen (18) years) are not eligible to use the Site, and we ask that they do not submit any personal information (not related to your business) to us. As used in these Terms of Service, “user”, “you”, and “your” refer to both of you. These Terms of Service only apply to your use of WOW HOME PRO MARKETING LTD. Website.
Account set up
1.1 You have to create an account and profile on our website. You need to provide correct information about yourself and your company to put on our website. You and your company responsible for letting us know if any unauthorized activities that occur in using in your account. You have to agree to notify us immediately. We will reserve the right to close your account at any time without reason. When you create your Wow Home Pro Marketing profile, we will guide you to put correct information about yourself to place on the website. For more information, please check on our Privacy Policy to confirm.
Using our website
1.1 You have to register on our website and sign an agreement in order to use our part of services.
1.2 There are some website subjects for restriction. There is some risk on using the website on your own which include you and your company may be exposed to some personal information or content. You and your company may find some indecent, incorrect, nonreason, offensive or objectionable. You are responsible for understanding and complying with all of your legal obligations about protecting the proprietary and confidential nature of Wow Home Pro Marketing Ltd. and services in choosing what to post or upload.
1.3 Wow Home Pro Marketing Ltd. will make a communications website to connect to your account. You have to agree to responses all the inquiries from us confirmation of account creation. You will be receiving emails about promotions and newsletter.
1.4 You agree that the information you have provided for Wow Home Pro Marketing Ltd. is true, accurate, and complete. If you suspect that other companies have obtained your information for others user, you agree to report to us ASAP.
1.5 Wow Home Pro Marketing LTD. is not responsible for the third party linked sites because our website connects and contains links to third-party websites. It is your own risk for using this website. And we are not responsible for Third-Party Content or changes to these websites. We make no response to another website which you may access through our website. Please check on the terms of use and privacy policies of those websites
1.6 It is your responsibility to review the terms of use and privacy policy of any Terms. This website may contain text, information, and materials which provided, published or offered by third parties, including but not limited to advertisements, reviews, videos or postings in online community discussions. You have to agree that Ltd. is not having any responsibility and liabilities whatsoever to you and your company for any such third party material, data or information. The Internet is a public network. It is a remote possibility of data security violations. In such this thing happen, Wow Home Pro Marketing Ltd. is not responsible for any damages at all.
1.7 When you are not in Wow Home Pro Marketing LTD‘s website, click on a link for another website, we are not responsible at all for other activities.
1.8 Wow Home Pro Marketing Ltd. has taken all good steps to the security of our company website. We have used the high-security technology procedure to protect you and your company information.
Responsibility for your Content
1.1 You are responsible for understanding and complying with all of your legal obligations about protecting the proprietary and confidential of Wow Home Pro Marketing Ltd. services in choosing what to post or upload. You also responsible for your Content, that you published on Wow Home Pro Marketing Ltd. You may be having risk associated with your content which includes any user’s reliance on its accuracy or reliability. Any of your information content may make you identifiable. You have to represent your own to necessary permissions of using and authorize your contact using as described herein.
1.2 You and your company allow Wow Home Pro Marketing LTD using your Content in publicly, displaying, reformatting, remake, repacking and incorporating it into advertisements, distributing it, and allowing others to do on their own websites and media platforms. You and your company will let us use your content without royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide right and license rights for any purpose. Wow Home Pro Marketing Ltd. represents that you have all the rights, licenses, authorizations necessary to grant such license, thereby irrevocably granting the users of the website. And also any third party publicly right to access Wow Home Pro Marketing website to reach your Content in connection with their use of the website and any service.
1.1 Wow Home Pro Marketing LTD own its website content which includes unlimited graphics, videos, pictures, visual interfaces, design features, compilation, interactive features, products, software program, computer code, any customers or users rating, other element from any website and all multimedia sites but not including you and your company content, the other user content and any other third party content displayed there.
1.2 Wow Home Pro Marketing LTD owns its business name, license number, corporation number, trade names, service marks, copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual and proprietary rights associated with the Wow Home Pro Marketing Ltd. website and content throughout the world. It is protected by the laws of trade dress, patent copyright, trademark s and any and all other applicable intellectual and proprietary rights,
1.3 You and your company cannot reproduce, recreate, remodify, copy works for public display or other use to against benefit of Wow Home Pro Marketing LTD.
1.4 You and your company only own your content but not Wow Home Pro Marketing LTD content and any license or rights. Wow Home Pro Marketing LTD owns its license and right of the content.
1.5 Wow Home Pro Marketing LTD has the right to remove or reinstate user content without any notice. For example, if we found out incorrect a Company’s rating and rejected subsequent submissions from you, disabled your account, or disconnected your IP address. We do not have any responsibility for the inaccuracy or completeness of User Content. We have no responsibility and no obligation to keep or provide you with copies of your Content and not guarantee any confidentiality with respect to your Content.
1.1 Wow Home Pro Marketing LTD will publish your and your company content for advertisement usage. All the advertising is changed without any specific notice to you and your company. Our newsletter service with your content will go through an authorized 3rd party to receive you or your company quotes and deals information in order to a contract for you. We will set up different area jobs and posting in a a different area. And also we will remind the users about the new posting on their areas thought e-mail.
1.2 You and your company can select customers, set the price, date of work, working area, and other information. And also you and your company can bid the other posting contract too.
1.3 We will help user getting some honest rating for promotion.
1.4 Users will provide the entire professional license, Insurance license and another working license to proof of the users’ content.
1.1 Wow Home Pro Marketing LTD is an agent, licensor, supplier, and respect for you and your company to place your content on our website for advertisement. Wow Home Pro Marketing Ltd. will not be responsible for any lost profits, revenues, data, financial or any indirect special consequential damages.
1.2 In all case, Wow Home Pro Marketing LTD will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a service provider chosen from our site.