In Styria, the SPÖ’s concept was, “We’ll post Voves and hope he’s likeable.” Which is true, but not enough as a motive for voting.

In Styria, the SPÖ’s concept was, “We’ll post Voves and hope he’s likeable.” Which is true, but not enough as a motive for voting. In Styria, neither the SPÖ nor the ÖVP had any recognizable strategic concept. In Burgenland, the SPÖ tried to take the issues away from the liberals. With moderate success, but at […]

In Styria, the SPÖ’s concept was, “We’ll post Voves and hope he’s likeable.” Which is true, but not enough as a motive for voting.

In Styria, neither the SPÖ nor the ÖVP had any recognizable strategic concept. In Burgenland, the SPÖ tried to take the issues away from the liberals. With moderate success, but at least that was a concept. In Styria, the SPÖ’s concept was, “We’ll post Voves and hope he’s likeable.” Which is true, but not enough as a motive for voting. And at the ÖVP it was more like a couple of advertising gimmicks.

© APA / Robert Jaeger In Burgenland, the Freedom Party has already communicated with the state government

The FPÖ’s concept of making immigration a meta-topic for everything is again very old – and very successful. When I talk about crime, as the FPÖ I am also discussing whether there are too many criminal foreigners. When talking about education policy, the FPÖ immediately discusses the fact that there are too many children in school classes whose mother tongue is not German. If jobs were threatened, heavy immigration would be to blame. She would probably even manage to discuss whether the traffic jam was caused by cars with foreign license plates. This is a very simple strategy that is of course easier to implement and successful in the opposition, but it is not new.

“The general conditions are favorable”

Why don’t the SPÖ and ÖVP succeed in opposing this well-known strategy? The simplest counter-strategy would be a very successful policy in precisely these areas. If the satisfaction with the economic situation, the labor market, the education policy were extremely high, the FPÖ would fail with its strategy. But there is no such satisfaction. The extent to which this is due to the SPÖ and ÖVP themselves or whether the framework conditions lead to unrealizable expectations of the governing parties is irrelevant for the election campaign. The general conditions are currently favorable for the FPÖ.

To put it bluntly, the soaring of the FPÖ cannot be stopped as long as the economic situation is bad and unemployment is high? As long as the subjective mood is bad and the fears are so great, no. It’s not just about unemployed yes or no, but also about the framework conditions. Do I have to accept a worse job? Do I earn less? Is my new job further away? That counts too.

How could the SPÖ and ÖVP take countermeasures so as not to lose even more voters? The only way to do this is to prevent immigration from overlapping all issues. The question that the SPÖ and ÖVP have to ask is where do I have my competitive advantage? And the competitive advantage of government parties is to conduct the debate as substantively and objectively as possible. Not because they are always right, but because they can use the entire apparatus of government and civil servants.https 123 An example: The budget law is the basis of all politics, so why has no opposition party ever written a counter-budget? Because it would never have the resources, you need entire ministries for it.

“Your own people should be more stable”

So they would have to explain their policies more. With all the need to shorten things in communication, the SPÖ and ÖVP believe far too much that they can afford a headline competition. And I’m not just talking about election posters, but also about television programs and newspaper interviews. You don’t necessarily have the feeling that what the SPÖ and ÖVP are saying is so much more substantial. If you want to objectify the debate, your own people also have to be consistently stable. But that’s not how they always work and then you end up exchanging keywords. Naturally, the opposition is finding it easier because they don’t have to prove the truth.

© APA / Georg Hochmuth A hot autumn is approaching Michael Häupl

Let’s take a look at Burgenland. There are numerous voices within the party who believe that the SPÖ is digging its own grave with the local red-blue coalition because it is thereby sacrificing the constant content of demarcation from the freedomists in order to maintain power. Is there anything to this judgment? The battle between the SPÖ and the SPÖ on the open media stage is definitely the worst variant. Of course, everyone else just has to lean back. It doesn’t matter what the “right” thing is. The conflict cannot be resolved, because it is discussed on two completely different levels. To say that the FPÖ is out of the question for us is the ideological level. Niessl’s opinion Involving the FPÖ would be the best option to keep it small, is the strategic level, only: If you discuss at different levels, you cannot come to any result.

Can it be of any use to the FPÖ, as a prominent opposition party, to take on government responsibility? I see a danger and an opportunity for those who are free. The danger is inexperience in government work and also, quite banally, in administrative management, because government is administration. And by that I mean not only the state councils, but also the offices that have to be occupied – plus how to deal with the traditionally more SPÖ or ÖVP-related civil servants. There is of course the danger that you will stumble into a faux pas every day.

“The FPÖ could make a name for itself”

The chance, on the other hand, is to be able to distinguish yourself as a still relatively small party – the FPÖ is only 15 percent in Burgenland – with government work and thus to reach sizes that you have never thought of before.

As is well known, Vienna also votes in October. What would Mayor Häupl have to do, how would the Viennese SPÖ have to communicate in order to keep the FPÖ at a distance? Ultimately, I only see one chance: the largest group will most likely be non-voters, so the SPÖ must win the mobilization election campaign. To convey to your own possible voters that this time it really is about everything and that you are making full use of the apparatus that was historically so powerful – if it is not already partly a myth. I’m not so sure about that.

So could a man of freedom rule Vienna in autumn? No. Nothing has changed about that. No matter how the election ends, the FPÖ needs partners just like in Burgenland. The Viennese SPÖ is not and all three variants would require blue and green and are therefore not possible anyway.

Can’t it be enough for blue-black? At this point in time, that requires a lot of mathematical creativity. If so, the ÖVP would do it, that would be too tempting. Even an FPÖ over 30 percent, paired with the ÖVP, which is extremely weak in Vienna, would not be enough. In addition, the FPÖ’s profits are also at the expense of the ÖVP.

You can find everything about the current power poker in Austria in the current NEWS – from now on Saturday – in your newsagents or

as an e-paper version.

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11223344 Mon., June 15. 2015 21:13



that’s the way it should be, Austria is finally becoming a democracy again. away from the red dictatorship and the eternal patronage of the citizens. the best example is switzerland, there is still a correct democracy here and the country is looked at and not other brussels wisdom. I’m curious how long our media (especially including news) will protect the red behind

christian95 Fri., June 12th. 2015 12:22



Who needs to “stop” the FPÖ? More and more voters want the FPÖ, so they will not be able to stop our “left” media either.

RS SN Wed. June 10. 2015 23:52


It’s “funny”: the FPOe has run down Kaernten and yet it is elected. People are scared and panic occurs: the worst of all advisors.

christian95 Thursday, June 11th. 2015 09:46


It was not the FPÖ but the BZÖ and they have no electoral success.

giuseppeverdi Thursday, June 11th. 2015 11:52


And not to forget, RED / SCHWARZ were there too, who dutifully raised their hands to everything and everyone in the then proportional government. They just don’t want to know anything about it today!


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Heinz Rainer Wed., June 10th. 2015 20:19



Das Häupl – Vas-silly-kuh J.V. have long been obsolete. In any case, there are more important things than messing around every corner. It no longer fits on a cow skin. Those who want to live safely in Vienna and elsewhere have no other alternative than the FPÖ, otherwise one day they might end up like the poor in Donaustadt. Sealing the borders is the only option.

christian95 Wed., June 10. 2015 17:52


One only has to look to Greece: there is a right-wing and left-wing radical party in the government. Strache are against it Co buttery soft. – And is that why the Greeks are worse off? On the contrary, Tsipras have been for months Co received like “kings” in Brussels. Nobody in Brussels dares to mention the word sanctions ……

christian95 Wed., June 10. 2015 17:55


Brussels Co beg they may repay at least part of their debts …. We should also send politicians to Brussels who have a “stiff” backbone – and do not always bow low when they come to the EU.


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Lynxx Wed June 10. 2015 17:02


With these “liberal” parties, whether FPÖ or Geert Wilder’s PVV, the syllable “un-” should be placed in front of it to make their true program clear. If they came to power (alone), that would mean: first of all, lack of freedom for foreigners and foreign and local Muslims and then also lack of freedom for other citizens who do not belong to the party or who dance to their tune.

again and again Wed. June 10th. 2015 23:49


aha .. So that’s how you see it? well then I can tell you that currently e.g. NO artist will get a job if he is not a CONFESSOR !!!! Spö ler or övp ler is .. so much about equal opportunities … wake up to good lynxx and look reality in the eye. what YOU accuse the fpö has been everyday life here with us …..


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again and again Wed. June 10th. 2015 13:03



LMAO !!! well, mr Filzmaier knows his way around. someone who is at home at the donau uni has a total connection to the people who have to live with enrichment from above every day. and cannot move into their villas. na no na the FPÖ was the ONLY one to pull out a stop sign, otherwise we would already be there where the area around the brunnenmarkt has been visited! for how much longer?????

xillomirko Wed. June 10th. 2015 11:58



The “super chancellor” Vranitzky started with this idiotic exclusion. With the result that the old parties constantly lose and the FPÖ wins more and more. Mr. Häupel also relies on this recipe and will go down just as much as a Mr. Voves. Just keep going, Kreisky is already rotating in his grave.

Hobby Austrians Wed., June 10th. 2015 11:20



© APA / Georg Hochmuth A hot autumn is approaching Michael Häupl … is noted as the licensor / author of the photo with the wine blissful Michel … Does the APA perhaps also have an employee named Detlef Fall or Günter Fall or possibly Heinz-Christian Fall ?? 😉

christian95 Wed., June 10. 2015 09:34



“Ungrateful people”! “Asylum and immigration bring us cultural enrichment and secure our pensions”, …. then will the people in Vienna also want to vote for the FPÖ?

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The relieved diocesan administrator of Gurk-Klagenfurt,

Engelbert Guggenberger

, criticizes the previous processing of the

Causa Bishop Schwarz

by the Catholic Church in Austria – and especially Cardinal Christoph Schönborn. A new, different way of dealing with misconduct in the clergy and the resignation of the current bishop of St. Pölten are only logical and consistent for him

News: Mr. Dompropst, the last time there was a sensational protest action by the “mature Christians” in Klagenfurt Cathedral, in which more than 600 believers took part. A clear signal that many people are dissatisfied with the way the Church has come to terms with Bishop Alois Schwarz? Engelbert Guggenberger: That is a strong sign of life from the Carinthian Church in the face of a challenge that has yet to be overcome. The people showed their profile. The faithful have expressed their displeasure about the delay in dealing with the Bishop Schwarz case and have shown that the style, like the Church in Carinthia in the time of the sedis vacancy (episcopal period, note), was led by the appointment of the apostolic administrator they are appreciated.

Do you think that this is also noticed in Rome? For the Vatican, which is responsible for more than a billion Catholics, the cause is probably only a small case, and we are far away. As is well known, the Holy Father has many construction sites, and a lot depends on what exactly he is told from Austria about the Bishop Schwarz case. If he is told: In Carinthia there is a disobedient cathedral chapter with a brisk cathedral provost, and we cannot accept that, and it is suggested that this rebel be replaced by an apostolic administrator, then Pope Francis will agree with this opinion and sanction the matter. If, however, the actual facts were presented to him, he would have to come to a decision in view of his principles that the Schwarz case requires urgent treatment. This would cause him great headaches on several points: If he knew that a bishop has a wife who he allows to participate in the leadership office and with whom he manages church assets, he would have said long ago that the abuse of office had to be stopped.

“The term cause is appropriate. Damage has been done, there are victims, and abuse of office has taken place «

The Schwarz defense lawyers keep saying that they could have intervened during his active time in Carinthia. We always pointed out the problems and grievances, but Bishop Schwarz did not respond.

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