It’s not nice, but necessary

It’s not nice, but necessary That is the main flaw in the reform. Therefore the minimum wage had to be made up. To put it in the language of Andrea Nahles: She slaughters the wrong pig. The SPD under Nahles is ashamed of Agenda 2010. The reform has done the country good, as Angela Merkel […]

It’s not nice, but necessary

That is the main flaw in the reform. Therefore the minimum wage had to be made up.

To put it in the language of Andrea Nahles: She slaughters the wrong pig.

The SPD under Nahles is ashamed of Agenda 2010. The reform has done the country good, as Angela Merkel knows and says.

Former US President Bill Clinton: "It’s the economy, stupid!" (Source: Van Tine / imago images)

Learning from Schröder means learning to win, it’s as simple as that. It’s all about the economy, you guys, Bill Clinton said a long time ago and Gerhard Schröder knew it too. Therefore, like every chancellor before him, he was doing well with the economy. Today the melody can be varied.

Social policy alone is not enough

The banks and the automotive industry voluntarily robbed themselves of the good reputation they once had. Criticism of this type of capitalism would do the SPD good, even if VW is at home in Lower Saxony, which is governed by an SPD Prime Minister. And why not, for a change, highlight the somewhat unique German middle class that remains rooted in its region and is successful on the world market? It seems obvious that it would be necessary, the SPD does not have to leave the FDP.

Social policy alone is not enough to counteract decline. The SPD is thus competing with the left and the AfD, which sheds crocodile tears for German pensioners and charges them with xenophobia. Of course, social policy is important, but the fact that Andrea Nahles and Olaf Scholz limit themselves to this is strange and speaks against them.

The serving begins – and who comes next?

In any case, this duo won’t stay with us for long. Bremen and Europe will vote on May 26th. Europe will be cruel for the SPD, that’s pretty certain. If she also loses Bremen, where she had been in government since 1949, that’s it for Nahles / Scholz. Or the serving happens after the three East German elections in autumn. But who is coming then?

SPD in the crisis: puts forward five theses on how it could come to the distance between the People’s Party. (Source:

Let’s go through them, the next in line: Manuela Schwesig dares to do it. That she wants speaks for her, without want it doesn’t work. The fact that she can’t do it now doesn’t speak against her. You learn what you can’t yet. A lot depends on a team that can support a chairperson. Does she have it? No idea.

Heiko Maas is Foreign Minister and expresses himself pleasantly in free language, without the usual accumulation of clichés. He could easily make more of an office and then he would be a sure candidate for the next leadership, but he is not, apart from his high self-assessment.

Olaf Scholz considers himself fit for chancellorship, as we know. He is knowledgeable, business-friendly, solid. This allowed Hamburg to be governed, but Germany? If he wants to compete seriously, he has to distance himself from Andrea Nahles and leave the future defeats to her alone. The will to power includes coldness and disloyalty. It’s not nice, but necessary.

Stephan Weil is Prime Minister of the VW state of Lower Saxony. He regularly appears on television after electoral defeats and explains them with astonishing confidence. He doesn’t knock us off our feet with his manner, but who does it and that’s not the point. He won in office, no question about it. He doesn’t push his way forward, which can be a disadvantage.

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That leaves Sigmar, the sole dancer, the one-man company. It imposes itself from the outside, loudly supported by Gerhard Schröder and quietly by a few others, not many, but that doesn’t have to matter. The SPD is a deeply insecure and desperate party.definition argumentative essay It is quite possible that in the course of the year she will come up with an idea that she did not want to come up with and that Sigmar will bring back. Most recently, the SPD has had a weakness for the wrong people in its leadership. And next time?

The Corona crisis has opened up a new field of business for fraudsters: Interior Minister Thomas Strobl warned on Friday in Stuttgart of fraudulent websites and counterfeit products, such as protective masks. "Quite a few criminals reacted quickly and adjusted their meshes accordingly"said the CDU minister. As a spokesman explained, some products are offered for sale on the Internet that are not delivered or that have significant defects.

The ministry announced numbers on organized crime and gang crime on Friday. According to this, 36 preliminary investigations were pending in the southwest in the past year, which were directed against organized crime. This means that the number is roughly the same as in 2018, when 37 proceedings were ongoing. One focus is drug crime, it said. In the case of gang crime, which has less rigid structures than organized crime, 177 cases were pending in the south-west last year. That was 22 proceedings fewer than in the previous year. The focus here was on drug and property crime.

Erhard Eppler had an unfortunate love of politics. He had his best time as an icon of the peace movement that opposed the SPD Chancellor Helmut Schmidt. Now he’s passed away.

Erhard Eppler was one of the brightest of his generation. He wrote highly readable books on the politics that others made. He was a political person himself, but not a politician in the strict sense. His horizon was too wide for that, his education too deep. He got further in thinking than in action. He looked like a Swabian idealist and he thought like one. With that he really got on the nerves of the pure pragmatists like Helmut Schmidt.

Over the years I have often met people like Erhard Eppler who harbored an unhappy love for politics. You are strong at analysis and weak at implementation. They are strong in right and weak in right. You belong to the scholar type who finds it difficult to drill thick boards. Eppler was a high school teacher by profession and remained so all his life.

Humiliated by Schmidt

His prime came after he left the government. It was no coincidence that he had been development aid minister until 1974, when Willy Brandt ingloriously resigned. After him Helmut Schmidt became chancellor. As close as Eppler was to Willy, he stayed away from Helmut, who only raised scorn and ridicule for him.

The humiliation was great. But the time came when Erhard Eppler rose to become an icon of the extra-parliamentary opposition and basically prepared the change in power in 1982. Schmidt put politics and economy in one. Eppler recognized early on the importance of ecology and the European peace movement, which resisted military armament with new missiles, as we are experiencing again today.

As a young journalist I had to report on the famous large-scale demonstration in Bonn’s Hofgarten in 1981, at which Erhard Eppler appeared naturally with Willy Brandt and rebelled against politics, of which Helmut Schmidt was the epitome. I found it very strange how two Social Democrats stood against the Social Democratic Chancellor, as if it were proper, as if there was nothing special about it.

The SPD is always twofold

That was when what we know well enough today began. There are always at least two SPDs, one to rule and the other to oppose it.

Erhard Eppler was in his element when he could call inside from outside. If he wanted to be inside himself, he was no longer in his element.

He was once chairman of the SPD in Baden-Württemberg when Winfried Kretschmann was not yet in power there, but the country was firmly in the hands of the CDU. It almost hurt to listen to Eppler and watch how he was lost and still had to fight, against his better judgment. What he had in mind was of no use to him. No analysis got him anywhere. Any self-analysis should have been devastating. He was simply not a party politician, actually he wasn’t a politician at all, but an observer of politics like us, just smarter. It took some time before he drew the conclusions.

Erhard Eppler wrote that not every victory is a win. But it is also true that not every defeat ennobles.

He survived them all

In private life, Erhard Eppler was a model of consistency. He lived with his wife for an eternity in his house in Schwäbisch Hall. I visited him there a few times. He was a gracious host who led through his garden, served cakes and gladly answered questions, eager for information from the inner casing of power.

Over the years he suffered from his party, but defended it reliably. He valued Gerhard Schröder as "political animal"which he clearly wasn’t. When Erhard Eppler analyzed, he remained humane. He knew what pain caused contempt. I always left enriched.

At the age of 92: SPD veteran Erhard Eppler is dead

He survived them all, Willy and Helmut, Kohl and Genscher, his entire generation. I would look after him if that was any satisfaction to him. On his 90th birthday he still found the appreciation he deserves. He saw it as fragile but cheerful.

Now he’s gone, the Swabian purist with his difficult passion for politics.

Berlin (dpa) – Several masked perpetrators have attacked the SPD headquarters in Berlin. Late on Thursday evening, the strangers threw small paving stones and bottles filled with paint against the Willy Brandt house, the police said.
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Several panes of glass and parts of the facade were damaged.

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