Rep. Frank Pallone Requests Daily Fantasy Operators Reveal Participating NFL Players

Rep. Frank Pallone Requests Daily Fantasy Operators Reveal Participating NFL Players US Rep. Frank Pallone wants more transparency from daily dream operators DraftKings and FanDuel, the New Jersey politician letters that are authoring week seeking the launch of private operational information to the House Energy and Commerce Committee. United states of america Representative Frank Pallone […]

Rep. Fr<span id="more-24373"></span>ank Pallone Requests Daily Fantasy Operators Reveal Participating NFL Players

US Rep. Frank Pallone wants more transparency from daily dream operators DraftKings and FanDuel, the New Jersey politician letters that are authoring week seeking the launch of private operational information to the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

United states of america Representative Frank Pallone (D-New Jersey) is petitioning daily dream sports (DFS) market leaders DraftKings and FanDuel to reveal players in the National Football League that have active reports and are also participating in contests on the internet sites.

It’s the latest development in the DFS saga associated with the final thirty days, a timespan that is probably felt as an eternity for executives at the industry’s two largest platforms.

Pallone delivered letters to both businesses on behalf of the Energy and Commerce Committee asking for the names of players, coaches, referees, staff member, owners, and even training personnel that have participated in DFS over the year that is last.

He also seeks the total monies paid by said group, and their net winnings or losses.

‘ The deep involvement of professional recreations with day-to-day fantasy sports raises questions regarding whether these practices are truly distinguishable from prohibited sports betting along with other types of gambling,’ Pallone composed.

National Fantasy League

Pallone is directly pursuing the NFL because unlike the NBA, MLB and NHL, the body that is governing of hasn’t publicly condemned its players and associates from partaking in day-to-day fantasy games.

‘The NFL is the actual only real major US activities league that has maybe not barred its athletes,’ Pallone expanded.

The NFL does stipulate that players however and personnel cannot accept prizes exceeding $250 in virtually any soccer fantasy competition.

Along with seeking out the names of those related towards the NFL playing DFS, Pallone also wants information on what DraftKings and FanDuel goes about notifying other leagues including the NCAA whenever an athlete or colleague tries to enter a contest they directly participate.

Pallone wishes to help make the process of just how participants are tracked knowledge that is public.

‘Do each of these leagues provide your organization with a list of league and team personnel from where to cross-check your system?’ Pallone asks. ‘Explain in detail the method by which your company offers the NFL with information regarding prizes won by NFL and team personnel so your NFL can determine whether they have accepted prizes over $250.’


Pallone presumably knows the responses to many of the relevant questions he’s posing. In all likelihood, the unregulated nature of daily fantasy has generated instead minimal oversights.

Also, you could argue it isn’t always the working task of DraftKings and FanDuel to mandate rules dictated by outside agencies such as the NFL and impose a $250 reward limit.

The cold hard truth is that the NFL probably doesn’t much care in cases where a player wins a few hundred dollars while playing daily fantasy competitions.

The league is a shareholder of FanDuel, and a few team owners including the Patriots’ Robert Kraft and Cowboys tycoon Jerry Jones have stakes in DraftKings.

‘From my viewpoint, such a thing that follows the guidelines, that causes and creates more interest and much more fan participation, I’m really for,’ Jones told ESPN this week. ‘i don’t think DraftKings or FanDuel in any real means compromise our players on the soccer field because it’s all fantasy.’

A industry that is multibillion-dollar rarely be called ‘fantasy,’ but so goes the ongoing puzzling climate of daily fantasy activities.

NFL Forced to Defend Anti-Sports Betting Stance After Games in London

84,000 people flocked to view two underwhelming NFL teams duke it out at London’s Wembley Stadium. The NFL says it remains easily against sports betting despite the fact that lots of gambling shops are situated a stone’s dispose of. (Image:

The NFL ended up being dealing with accusations of hypocrisy this week over its incursion that is much-publicized into UK.

On Sunday, 84,000 people resulted in to London’s Wembley Stadium, usually the reserve of the England soccer team, to watch the Jacksonville Jaguars face off against the Buffalo Bills, hardly prime time viewing for even the absolute most fevered of football fans.

The league is attempting to measure the popularity of the game in great britain as it mulls the possibility for introducing a London franchise, therefore the sold-out stadium will come being a pleasant surprise to NFL commissioner Robert Goodel.

It suggests, somewhat surprisingly, that there is certainly a large appetite in the UK for a hobby that many Brits still like to reference mischievously as ‘hand-egg.’

But how exactly does this square utilizing the NFL’s trenchant anti-gambling stance?

It in fact was a concern posed by Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel this week, who was in town for the game and observed that in britain shops that are betting ‘as typical as bakeries.’

Hangover from the Forties and Fifties

‘In London you can’t go more than two city blocks without locating a wagering parlor, usually a tiny storefronts about the size of an old newsstand,’ he marveled. ‘ There are two across the street from my resort.

One is next to a Subway. It’s so integrated into daily life that it is very nearly impractical to imagine it could be contrary to the law in the usa.

‘It’s enjoyable. It’s easy. It’s protected. The NFL is there. NBA. College football. It is maybe not even as daunting as dealing with a major sports book in Vegas. It is incredibly welcoming and easy,’ he added. ‘Sports wagering isn’t just legal here; it’s convenient and simple. The British […] long ago understood that folks like to bet on sports and prohibiting it is fruitless and pointless.’

The NFL’s distaste for gambling might be a hangover from the forties and fifties, whenever sport ended up being plagued by match-fixing scandals.

However, today, the league’s support of daily fantasy recreations has, in the eyes of many, undermined its position and has opened it up to accusations that it’s abandoned its scruples into the search of profit.

‘Legalized gambling is the main culture in that country and we are comfortable conforming with [sic] the cultural norms of where we play,’ NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told NBC Sports when asked about the uneasy relationship between the league the UK’s liberal gambling laws.

‘We Don’t Determine the Laws’

Goodel was forced to answer the very same question in a court of law when, three years ago, the major sports leagues established legal action to prevent New Jersey from legalizing sports gambling at its racetracks and casinos.

‘Well, we’re playing within their country, we are coming to them,’ he reasoned. ‘And we are only there for the short time of time; we’re there for two or three times. It’s not what we choose, it’s not what we believe is within the needs of activities, but we don’t dictate the rules or the rules.’

Nevada recently declared daily dream sports become gambling and asserted that operators must apply for a sports wagering permit in an effort to continue running in the state.

Meanwhile, nj is unlikely to offer the sports leagues any favors into the light of their constant derailment of its intends to regulate sports betting, and will probably follow Nevada’s suit.

Except that New Jersey won’t find a way to license DFS sports betting because the leagues have, so far, prohibited them from regulating recreations betting.

The NFL’s foray into London is creating a mockery of its anti-sports betting stance, and increasing calls for dream sports to be defined as sports gambling, pure and simple, are further undermining its arguments.

As time goes on the league’s position may become increasingly more tough to defend.

Poker Players Alliance Rails Against New RAWA Threat

Marco Rubio has stated that a poker would be supported by him carve-out for RAWA, but this does not seem to be a choice for Sheldon Adelson. (Image:

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) is asking its supporters to their attorney generals to counter the latest threat from RAWA and its supporters.

The PPA warned this that Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster and South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson are trying to drum up support for the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) among the judiciary week.

In a letter last week to the Congressional Judiciary Committee Leadership, Koster and Wilson asked the human body to aid RAWA and demanded other attorney generals lend their backing to the effort.

‘DOJ’s revised interpretation of the Wire Act exposed the doorway to expansive Internet gambling and has had significant impacts that are negative our states from money laundering to exploitation of young ones to helping finance terrorist organizations,’ proclaims the letter.

‘Additionally,’ it continues, ‘the expansion of online gambling has undermined state and local legislation enforcement efforts to outlaw gambling which is forbidden in numerous states. As such, we urge Congress to adopt the Restoration of America’s Wire Act.’

On the web Gambling is ‘Interstate’

The letter ignores the geolocation technology employed by the three states that have controlled thus far. Indeed, the crux of its argument relies on the premise that online gaming is essentially ‘interstate’ in its nature, because ‘states are ill-equipped to enforce gambling laws and regulations against interstate and companies that are international particularly if age and location verification mechanisms are susceptible to compromise plus the technological vulnerabilities of the online.’

Therefore, it reasons, online gambling can simply be regulated by Congress and not by specific states.

The Poker Players Alliance responded in sort this by rallying its supporters to pen letters of their own, denouncing RAWA week.

The organization has also supplied a letter template for all brief on time, which accuses the legislation to be a ‘federal land grab’ and of ‘stripping our state of the right to license, regulate, and on occasion even allow on-line poker, online lottery sales, and online casino-style games in your boundaries.’

‘This is perhaps not a partisan problem. Organizations from both sides associated with the aisle oppose this legislation, like the Governors that is democratic Association the National Council of State Legislatures, Fraternal Order of Police, Americans for Tax Reform as well as the Competitive Enterprise Institute are outspoken opponents of these bills,’ it claims.

Rubio Supports Poker Carve Out

It also highlights the fact that RAWA backers are not able to determine an instance that is single of play since the geo-location measures used by the regulated states happen hugely effective.

Interested parties can here access the template

In related news, presidential hopeful and RAWA supporter Marco Rubio has stated that a carve-out would be supported by him for online poker.

‘On the issue of online poker, the only distinction between the poker games and others is he told the Las Vegas Review Journal that it involves an element of skill associated with and compared with just a slot machine online.


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