Exactly just exactly How in the world do we protect kids from chicken-nugget-paedophiles?

Exactly just exactly How in the world do we protect kids from chicken-nugget-paedophiles? With DVDs about chicken nuggety hazards, needless to say! It’s that all sex offending can be solved by showing children graphic films of sex offending if I have learned anything from the field of CSE. Because when I said previously – kiddies […]

Exactly just exactly How in the world do we protect kids from chicken-nugget-paedophiles?

With DVDs about chicken nuggety hazards, needless to say!

It’s that all sex offending can be solved by showing children graphic films of sex offending if I have learned anything from the field of CSE. Because when I said previously – kiddies have emerged whilst the issue and also the solution in CSE. (See my #nomoreCSEfilms campaign to get more details – that is real, the nugget DVD is perhaps not).

It seems ridiculous doesn’t it when I mock up a DVD cover like the one for ‘Layla’s Nugget Story? The blurb says ‘A movie to improve awareness which help kids protect on their own from intercourse offenders posing as chicken’.

The movie shows the’ that is‘story of, whom loves chicken nuggets. She’s simply an ordinary 14 yr old white woman (because most of the CSE movies are about them) – but she really loves nuggets. Most of her buddies love nuggets. They’re going to places where they are able to consume nuggets. She really loves nuggets a great deal this 1 time, she discovered a facebook page dedicated to chicken nuggets. She ‘liked’ the page. But little did she understand… the page had been really an intercourse offender, posing as chicken nuggets online to steal her profile info and her selfies – with them into performing sex acts on webcam so he can blackmail her.

Silly Layla, she must have understood that the chicken nugget facebook page was really a sex offender. If only she had watched this DVD.

The DVD is proven to 1000s of kids, that are all now deemed at an increased risk from chicken nugget facebook pages because… young ones love nuggets and children love facebook. The youngsters view the DVD for which Layla is sexually exploited, distressed and harmed by the chicken nugget offender. Professionals stay around saying such things as ‘this may help the youngsters recognise signs and symptoms of chicken nugget offenders which help them to safeguard by themselves from punishment’ and ‘kids these days, they should understand the reality that is harsh the potential risks of chicken nuggets’. Professionals tell one another that this can assist the young kiddies protect by themselves from chicken nugget offenders and nominate one another for honors for his or her ingenuity.

Following the DVD, the youngsters are expected questions regarding whatever they could do differently as time goes by to be sure these are typically never ever targeted by chicken nugget sex offenders. Girls and boys place their arms up, and therefore are praised for the after answers that are correct

“i shall never ever consume chicken nuggets once once again”

“i am going to never such as for instance a facebook page about take out again”

“i shall develop into a vegan”

“If my buddies like a typical page on facebook which has had take out I will tell a teacher on it”

“Layla shouldn’t have added the nuggets page within the beginning, then none with this will have occurred to her.”

“Layla must have told some body that the chicken nuggets had been exploiting her, then some one might have assisted her.”

I am aware – all of them appear actually answers that are stupid. All of them blame Layla for just what took place. They destination duty on her behalf to possess understood that a chicken nugget facebook web web page could be a intercourse offender.

However these email address details are the sorts of responses our company is expecting and praising as soon as the real CSE films are proven to young ones within our schools and services. kids are expected plenary questions like ‘what can you do in this case?’ and ‘what should she have done differently?’ or ‘what could she have inked to keep herself secure from the abusers?’

Kiddies are reward-oriented and suffer with adult-pleasing at all times; even when we are talking utter bubbles because we bring them up in a culture where they are supposed to please us and satisfy us. Therefore, even though they give us the answers they think we want to hear that we are teaching thousands of children to blame the victims in the videos and develop a new, emboldened victim blaming culture in our next generation.

They already know that professionals try not to would like them to put their hand up and hear them say:

“Being sexually abused is not the victim’s fault and you ought ton’t be advocating victims to improve their life and behaviours so that they don’t get abused – you need to be changing the behaviours and attitudes of intercourse offenders and you ought to be enhancing the unlawful justice system!”

What exactly the chicken nugget has this surely got to do with such a thing? Why the chicken nugget satire article?

Because i am going asian women for marriage to perhaps not are a symbol of anymore with this palatable, careful, expert, implicit, slight target blaming of kiddies – where we appear with an increase of and much more models, theories and CSE movies that destination duty from the young ones to safeguard on their own from intercourse offenders. Once I saw that sex offenders had been producing facebook pages to pose as chicken nuggets, my brain wandered to the way the field of CSE would react to that…


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